Putin marks International Children’s Day by wounding eight Ukrainian kids

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Vladimir Putin marked International Children’s Day by wounding eight children in an Iskander missile strike on Kharkiv.‌

Pictures show a residential house devastated by Russian artillery in the residential suburb of Balakliya.

Two girls aged four and nine were wounded in the blast, along with six boys, the oldest aged 17. 

Two women were injured, one of whom is thought to be pregnant, as were men aged 38 and 32. 

Putin's forces marked International Children's Day with a missile attack on civilians in Ukrainian city Kharkiv which wounded eight children.
The missile hit a residential house in a Kharkiv suburb (Picture: Social media/east2west news)

Both families were believedto be staying together when the latest strike on civilians came from Russian forces on Ukraine’s second largest city.

The strike came after Putin had virtually attended a session with large families to mark International Children’s Day which is celebrated today in both Ukraine and Russia.

‌This holiday is filled with warmth, joy and sincere emotions,’ said the dictator.

‘There is nothing more important in life than love and children,’ he said.

Putin said today: ‘The issues of raising children and strengthening family values are given priority attention by the state and society.

‘It is important that every child is surrounded by care and love, grows up healthy and happy, and develops their talents and abilities.’

Yet his forces today wreaked havoc on these two families in Ukraine – the latest atrocity in a war that has seen 549 Ukrainian children killed, 1353 wounded, 2,025 missing, and 19,546 deported.

Putin's forces marked International Children's Day with a missile attack on civilians in Ukrainian city Kharkiv which wounded eight children.
At least 12 people are believed to have been injured in the attack (Picture: East2West)

Some 400 schools have been destroyed.

Head of the Balakleya Military Administration Vitaly Karabanov said of today’s attack: ‘The initial information is it was an Iskander missile strike.

‘The experts say that it exploded a few metres from the house.

‌‘The shock wave damaged it and a fire occurred because it was partially made of wood.

‌’A family lived there: father, mother and four children – and another family came to visit them yesterday, also with four children.

‌’As a result, eight children and four adults were injured.’

‌Kharkiv mayor Ihor Terekhov pleaded for Russia to stop terrorising Ukrainian children.

‘Today, on International Children’s Day, the streets of our city should be filled with the laughter of loud-voiced children, just like every year before the start of Russian aggression,’ he said.

‘But today there was silence in the air, a poignant reminder of the unspeakable horrors that our children and all of us have endured and are still forced to endure.

‌’Children are dying at the hands of the enemy throughout Ukraine…..

‌’The children of Kharkiv, like any other children, deserve safety, peace and a normal life – to grow up without fear and without restrictions, to study in regular schools, to dream big, to succeed.

‌’And it is in our power, the power of those who can change the situation, to give them such a chance.

‌’Therefore, today I once again call on all partners of Ukraine: stand with us.’

Oleh Syniehubov, head of the Kharkiv region military administration, spoke of the ‘inexpressible pain’ and ‘injustice’ suffered by children in the city.

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