Tense moment Russian spy plane is intercepted by Nato jet

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Dramatic new footage has captured the moment a Russian spy plane was intercepted by a Nato aircraft.

A video clip filmed from inside a Russian Tu-142 plane – a maritime reconnaissance and anti-submarine warfare aircraft – clearly shows the encounter.

Nato’s Lockheed P-3 Orion plane can be seen gaining ground on its Russian counterpart and flying up alongside it.

As the Nato aircraft approaches, one crew member inside the cockpit of the Russian Air Force jet can be heard saying: ‘They are moving closer…’

The Nato aircraft involved, clearly identifiable by its distinctive tail number 3298, belongs to Norway and is primarily used for reconnaissance, anti-submarine warfare (ASW), and search and rescue missions.

It eventually veers away having issued a warning to the Russian spy plane by its very presence.

This incident is the latest in a string of close interactions between Nato and Russian jets as tensions run deep amid the war in Ukraine.

The Norwegian Nato jet intercepted a Russian spy plane (Picture: East2West News)
The Norwegian Nato jet intercepted a Russian spy plane (Picture: East2West News)

Russian Telegram channel Fighterbomber, which has close links to Putin’s military, highlighted this particular face-off.

‘A tense battle between sworn enemies – not to be watched by the faint-hearted,’ said the channel.

It comes after another video filmed over Kaliningrad, a Russian exclave in the Baltics, showed a Russian and Danish jet squaring off recently.

Footage showed a Russian Su-27P fighter catching up with the Danish F-16 plane and intercepting it.

A Russian fighter was also filmed intercepting a Danish Nato jet recently
A Russian fighter was also filmed intercepting a Danish Nato jet recently (Picture: East2West News)

Belarusian pro-war Telegram channel Nevolfovich said: ‘The Russian fighter caught up with the F-16 along a parallel trajectory and intercepted it.’

The Russian warplane not only overtakes the F-16, but also makes a characteristic movement with its wings.

Nevolfovich on Telegram added: ‘It means by the manoeuvre: “Move away, otherwise I might use missiles.” Great job.’

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